Top 10 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers


Butterfly valves play a pivotal role in fluid control systems. Selecting the right manufacturer is crucial for optimal performance. In this blog, we will be moving into the zone of butterfly valves. Let us explore the top 10 butterfly valve manufacturers dominating the industry.

Exploring the market alone can be overwhelming. But our curated list simplifies the process. These manufacturers of butterfly valves stand out for their contributions to the field. Join us on a journey through butterfly valves as we explore the top contenders. Each of them brings a unique blend of expertise and reliability. You may be a seasoned professional or new to the scene. This comprehensive blog will aid you in making informed decisions.

What is a Butterfly Valve?

butterfly valves

A butterfly valve regulates fluid flow in pipelines. It is like a door for water. Moreover, it is simple yet powerful. You can think of it as a disk turning to control your water flow. This versatile valve suits various applications, from industrial processes to everyday use.

Need to start or stop the flow? Turn the disk. It is that easy. The butterfly valve has a design that ensures swift and precise adjustments. Imagine it as your water traffic controller, managing the passage. Butterfly valves manufacturers will help you!

With a compact structure, it minimizes space while maximizing efficiency. Be it in plumbing or large-scale industries, this valve plays a crucial role. Now, let us unfold the simplicity and effectiveness of the humble butterfly valve.

Top 10 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

We will be moving into the zone of butterfly valves. Let us explore the top 10 butterfly valve manufacturers dominating the industry.

  • ZFA Valve Manufacturer

butterfly valve manufacturer

Founded in 2006, ZFA Valve has emerged as a prominent industrial valve manufacturer. It is present in Tianjin, China. The company specializes in producing a diverse array of valves. It includes butterfly valves, gate valves, and check valves. ZFA Valve’s commitment to quality is evident in its compliance with international standards. These are ASTM, ANSI, ISO, BS, DIN, GOST, JIS, and KS.

ZFA Valve’s product range covers sizes from DN40 to DN3000. It includes wafer, flange and lug type connection, the nominal pressure ranging from PN10 to PN40. Moreover, these valves have a design to operate in temperatures ranging from -30℃ to 200℃. Hence, it makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. The valves find utility in HVAC systems, fire control, and water conservancy projects. It is also present in water supply and drainage, electric power, and petroleum.

Efficiency and strict quality control are at the core of ZFA Valve’s operations. The company provides timely and effective services to ensure customer satisfaction. ZFA Valve’s commitment to excellence positions it as a reliable choice. It is for those seeking high-quality industrial valves.

  • Milwaukee Valve Company

It was established in 1901. Milwaukee Valve Company boasts over 119 years of experience in designing and manufacturing. The team uses cutting-edge production facilities. The company has been a key player in advancing industrial and marine applications. Milwaukee valves have been a fixture on US Navy ships for more than 50 years. They are among the top butterfly valve manufacturers.

Milwaukee Valve Company stands out for its manufacturing prowess. It also is prominent for its commitment to customer service. The company’s responsiveness and dedication to quality make it a preferred choice. Especially for those in need of reliable butterfly valves. Their ISO-certified facilities and a team of skilled engineers. It contributes to the production of valves that meet rigorous industry standards. They are among the best butterfly valve manufacturers in USA.

  • L&T Valves

butterfly valve manufacturers in india

L&T Valves, with 59 years of experience, holds the distinction of being India’s oldest. The company is the most reputed butterfly valve manufacturer. It has facilities in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Kanchipuram. Everything contributes to its widespread coverage, meeting valve demands globally.

L&T Valves has sustained a global presence. It exports to top regions such as America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company’s strong portfolio of design specialists develops high-performance valves for industries. These include oil and gas, power, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food.

L&T’s success is because of its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Seeking butterfly valve manufacturers in India? You know where to go.

  • POV Valve Company

POV Valve Company is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in soft seal butterfly valves. It has been at the forefront of valve innovation for 15 years. The company’s commitment is evident in its receipt of 12 invention patents. POV Valve has established itself as a reliable player in the global market. You see them among the top butterfly valves manufacturers.

POV Valve Company’s impact extends across 80 countries and regions. It earns the company a reputation for reliability. The products are not only innovative but also adhere to high-quality standards. These products also have certifications from BV Marine, CE, and Fire Test. POV Valve’s butterfly valves are there for high performance.


ZWICK stands as a leading triple-offset butterfly valve manufacturers in Germany. It has over 30 years of expertise. The company has garnered acclaim for its patented designs. And also for their commitment to producing high-quality and reliable triple-offset butterfly valves.

ZWICK’s triple eccentric butterfly valves are a part of the TRI-CON series. They offer seamless operation with features like Fire-Safe, API, and British Standard certifications. The lamellar seal on a floating, self-centering disc ensures 100% tightness.

ZWICK’s technical prowess and dedication to meeting stringent industry standards position are amazing. It makes it a trusted choice in the realm of butterfly valves. You can rely on them as the best butterfly valve manufacturers in Europe.

  • Emerson Electric Co.

Emerson Electric Co. is a top American multinational corporation with over 130 years of history. It has been a stalwart in the valve manufacturing industry. The company is present in Ferguson, Missouri. Also, it is a Fortune 500 member. It offers engineering and design services across various industries.

Emerson Electric Co. is famous for its versatile butterfly valves featuring a modular mounting concept. The concept is suitable for various orientations. The valves, equipped with optional accessories, cater to diverse industrial needs. The company commits to customer service. It couples with its rich history. This positions it as a reliable and enduring manufacturer of butterfly valves.

  • Huamei Machineries

Seeking a high-quality butterfly valve manufacturer? Huamei Machineries from China are making waves. The company offers a developed product portfolio. It stands out for its commitment to superior product performance. There is a reason for them being among the best butterfly valves manufacturers.

Huamei employs advanced sealing technologies. It maintains a complete R&D and QC team to ensure each valve meets international standards. What sets Huamei apart is its ability to offer valves at a lower price without affecting quality.

The company focuses on precision and exceeding industry standards. Huamei is an emerging player in the butterfly valve manufacturing landscape.

  • Valworx

Valworx is recognized for its versatile butterfly valves, which are suitable for various applications. It provides tested and warranted products. These valves range from 1 to 4 inches and undergo thorough testing before shipping. They have a supportive one-year warranty and a 60-day return policy.

Valworx’s 3″ and 4″ butterfly valves feature a check valve for fuel systems. They have automation for use in specific fueling systems. The electric actuator-driven valves offer reliable and cheap remote operation.

It makes them ideal for scenarios requiring unmanned valve control. Valworx’s commitment to quality and reliability is evident. You can see it in its offerings for different fluid applications.

  • Bray

Bray is a leading valve manufacturer with over 30 years of expertise. It excels in butterfly valve innovation. The company’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation is there. It is in offerings and commitment to solving common problems in flow control systems.
Bray’s butterfly valve bodies and discs come in materials.

These are WCB Carbon Steel, CF8M Stainless Steel, and low-temperature Carbon Steel. It is also in Duplex Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, and NiAB. The company adheres to material standards. It also offers custom-engineered valve configurations.

Hence, it allows customers to tailor solutions to specific needs. Bray’s reputation for adherence to standards positions it as a trusted choice.

  • Apollo Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

With roots dating back to 1928, Apollo Butterfly Valve is manufactured in the USA. They have established themselves as providers of a variety of valves. It is for industrial, commercial, and HVAC/mechanical processes. The company is there to introduce innovative products into the market.

Apollo manufactures a wide variety of industrial valves. It includes butterfly valves and maintains a vast inventory. The company’s valves find applications in diverse markets. The yellow handles of Apollo valves are symbolic of a commitment to quality.


These ten butterfly valve manufacturers represent a diverse spectrum of the butterfly valve industry. Each of them contributes to innovation, reliability, and quality in their unique way. If you want to know more about butterfly valves, please contact us. As a professional industrial valve manufacturer, we have dedicated personnel to help you.