What is the Difference Between Butterfly Valve and Butterfly Check Valve?


Butterfly Valve vs Butterfly Check Valve

Although the butterfly valve and butterfly check valve have similar names and butterfly-like valve plates, they have different structures, working principles and functions.

  1. Structure of butterfly valve and butterfly check valve:

  • Butterfly valve is a control valve, mainly composed of valve body, valve disc, valve stem and actuator. The valve disc is connected to the valve stem, and rotates to control the flow of the medium.
  • Butterfly check valve, also known as double plate check valve, is a check valve that only allows one-way flow and prevents backflow. , consisting of valve body, valve plate, valve stem and spring. The two semicircular disks can automatically close or open as the media flow direction changes.

Therefore, Butterfly Valve vs Butterfly Check Valve, the biggest difference between butterfly valves and butterfly check valves is whether they have an actuator.

butterfly valve parts

butterfly valve component

check valve parts

butterfly check valve component

  1. Working principle:

  • The butterfly valve opens and closes by rotating the valve plate. When the valve plate is open, the medium can pass through the pipeline smoothly; and when the valve is closed, the valve disc blocks the flow of fluid. Besides, the butterfly valve can artificially open the valve plate 0-90 degrees to adjust the flow.
  • Butterfly check valve mainly determines the opening and closing of the valve plate through the flow direction of the medium. When the flow direction of the medium is opposite to the flow direction set by the valve plate, the valve plate will be impacted by the medium and automatically close to prevent the reverse flow of the medium.
working principle of butterfly valve
check valve working priciple
  1. Application scope:

  • Butterfly valves are widely used in pipeline systems, it can be used to control, cut off or regulate the flow. They are commonly used in water supply and drainage, HVAC systems, chemical industry, metallurgy, food and other industries.
  • Butterfly check valves are mainly used to prevent the backflow of media. They are often used in liquid and gas pipeline systems, are suitable for situations where one-way flow of fluid needs to be ensured.

Generally speaking, if Butterfly Valve vs Butterfly Check Valve, the result is: a butterfly valve is a valve used to regulate flow, while a butterfly check valve is a valve used to prevent the backflow of media.