Top 15 Check Valve Manufacturers


Check valves are a vital part of flow systems. They ensure fluid flows in a single direction and prevent backflow. You can find these valves in pipelines, machinery, and other systems where reverse flow prevention is crucial. This unique attribute allows for a safe, efficient, and smooth manufacturing process.
The demand for reliable check valves continues to increase. Several industries need a constant supply of check valves for their operations. Examples include water treatment plants, power companies, and the oil and gas industry. Among the multitude of check valve manufacturers, only a few dominate this sector. This article discusses the “Top 15 check valve manufacturers”.
These fifteen companies serve as a beacon for valve manufacturers around the world. Their accomplishments in innovation and quality make them leaders in their field. Join us as we uncover the names and stories behind the industry’s top 15 check valve manufacturers.

Brief Overview of Check Valves

check valve

Check valves are also called one-way valves because they only allow flow in one direction. These devices serve the primary function of preventing backflow in a system. Backflow refers to the change in direction of a fluid from its intended path. This occurrence causes serious risks to a piping system. These risks include damage to equipment and contamination of clean supplies. They are a cheap, effective, and simple solution to reverse flow in a system. Their mode of operation is also very straightforward. A check valve’s mechanism involves a movable part that opens in response to flow. This movable part is usually a disc, ball, or flapper. When the fluid attempts to reverse flow, it puts pressure on this component and keeps it closed.
Check valves exist in different shapes and sizes, which allows customers to find the best fit for their applications. You can see them in HVAC, pumping systems, and chemical processing plants.

Top 15 Check Valve Manufacturers

1. Emerson Electric

Emerson is the first company on our list. It easily tops this list as a pioneer with a long-standing history in the valve industry. The company is diverse in technology, engineering, and the supply of check valves. Their product list features different types, including lift, wafer, ball, and globe types.
Moreover, as a multinational company, the company’s network extends globally. They have several manufacturing facilities that distribute valves to customers worldwide. The company is also proficient in the making of high-performance check valves. These devices can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and environments that other valves can’t. Furthermore, Emerson shows a significant commitment and determination to innovation and relevance. The company makes continuous efforts to improve its technology and ensure efficiency.

2. ZFA Valve

ZFA Valve is another top manufacturer of check valves. This Chinese company offers quality check valves that suit the client’s specific needs. If you need dual plates check valve, rubber plate check valve, silencing check valve and silent check valve, you can consult with them. The custom services they provide guarantee that all their customers leave satisfied. In addition to customization, ZFA valves’ products are efficient and eco-friendly. The company strives to produce safe devices that protect the environment.

3. Flowserve Corporation

Flowserve, a check valve manufacturer in USA, is a leader in industrial flow solutions. It is one of the biggest industrial machinery suppliers, check valves included. The company offers various check valves to cater to diverse industrial needs. As an organization with a global network, its influence is far-reaching. Flowserve sells its products to engineering firms and customers in over 50 countries.
Moreover, this company also provides standard check valves to its customers. It is a trusted source for custom-made valves that meet specific flow criteria. These custom valves assist systems that endure extreme pressure and temperatures.

4. Crane Fluid Systems

This company offers its customers various full-range flow control products. Crane has a history of over 100 years and prioritizes quality and reliability. Even after a century, the company continues to invest in research to improve its products. Crane valves have unique designs that cater to specific applications. They also follow various industry standards and certifications to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Weir Group

This Scottish company has its roots in the mining, mineral, and oil & gas industries. The group provides its customers with a wide range of equipment for their specific needs. Among these equipment are check valves that are suitable for demanding conditions. These conditions include corrosion, high pressures, and abrasion that normal valves cannot endure. Because they are durable, check valves by this group are a popular choice for critical usage.

6. Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Like the Weir group, this company specializes in check valves for critical use. The corporation supplies industries where performance and strength are crucial. Examples of such places include aerospace, nuclear, and defense industries. This shows that Curtiss-Wright’s valves are strong and resilient. Unlike other check valve manufacturers, this company has a small valve product range. This is a result of their specific focus on critical service valves.

7. L&T Valves Limited

Next on our list is a check valve manufacturer in India. L&T Valves is an Indian company with a strong global market that allows it to supply foreign demands. They also have a diverse array of check valves for different applications. As a titan in the field, the company prioritizes quality and performance. Moreover, they are strict about quality control and use only the best raw materials.

8. Kirloskar Brothers Limited

This is another company with a rich history. It originated in 1888 and is currently a prominent manufacturer of industrial equipment. Its experience in making check valves crowns it as a top check valve manufacturer in India. One unique attribute is its incorporation of sustainable practices into its manufacturing process.

9. Schlumberger NV (SLB)

SLB is a French company with a unique oil and gas industry position. As an oilfield services company, it has little influence on the valve market. Still, the company is a key supplier of specialized tools and check valves.
SLB makes check valves that can withstand the harsh environment of the oil & gas industry. The valves they produce have robust designs and comprise strong materials. These traits ensure that the valves perform well even under extreme stress.

10. Bosch Rexroth AG

Bosch Rexroth is a German company with a strong presence in industrial automation. Its expertise lies in hydraulics, pneumatics, and also check valves. The check valves made by this company are robust and durable. Hence, they are a reliable option for customers who need powerful valves for their usage.

11. Danfoss

With its headquarters in Denmark, Danfoss is a key player in the check valve market space. The company provides its clients with a diverse array of check valve types. The valves are suitable for specific requirements like low-pressure drops and quiet operation. Danfoss valves are also great to use in harsh conditions that expect durability. Furthermore, the company has a strong desire for innovation and growth.

12. Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation is an American-Irish check valve manufacturer with customers in 175 countries. It has a large product portfolio that features check valves for various applications. This diverse product line caters to applications in aerospace, power generation, and more. Additionally, Eaton offers custom-made check valves to suit specific industry needs.

13. Honeywell International Inc

Honeywell is another century-old company that manufactures check valves. The company operates in four main sectors:

  • building automation
  • aerospace
  • safety, and productivity solutions
  • performance materials and technologies

In addition, Honeywell is ranked an impressive 115 in the Fortune 500 as of 2023. They also offer check valves that are suitable for various industrial applications.

14. Red Valve

Red Valve is a prominent name in industrial valve solutions. They have a heritage that spans decades. In addition, they have a reputation for providing reliable check valves for customers. Check valves are durable and can handle different fluid types. These include water, slurries, acids, and wastewater.

15. Cla-Val

Cla-Val is a company that manufactures eco-friendly and long-lasting check valves. These valves can withstand various temperatures, pressures, and fluid flow. Cla-Val’s commitment to sustainability and quality gives them an edge.


In conclusion, check valves are an important part of flow systems. They are responsible for maintaining safe and efficient flow in various industries. Several companies become key players in the growing demand for reliable check valves. This article explores the fifteen top check valve manufacturers in the world. After revealing their unique strengths and contributions, we’ve come to learn a lot. The expertise of these giants shapes the core of the valve industry. Hope you can get help from here and choose the one that suits you.