Chinese valve distribution –series one—TOP 5 Tianjin Butterfly Valve

TOP 5 Tianjin Butterfly Valve

As we all know, there are many valve bases in China, such as Tianjin, Wenzhou, Anhui, Suzhou, Mianyang, Hebei, Henan… So how to find the valves you want in China? I will tell you about China one by one in a series. The distribution of valves and high-quality valve factories in various places will give you an in-depth understanding of Chinese valves. Among them, in this article, I will introduce to you the distribution pattern of China’s valves – Tianjin series-tianjin top 5 butterfly vave factory.


Tianjin, always known as the hometown of butterfly valves, mainly produces soft-sealing centerline butterfly valves and double eccentric centerline butterfly valves. It has a complete supporting industry chain for butterfly valve production, including casting factories, rubber process factories, spraying factories, and machining plants as well as spare parts suppliers. In Tianjin, you can find any centerline butterfly valve and double eccentric butterfly valve products you want. Whether it is a classic butterfly valve or a new butterfly valve, whether it is a complete valve or parts, Tianjin’s factory can meet your requirements. If you want to innovate and develop a new butterfly valve, you only need to communicate with the factory in Tianjin, and you will be able to get the answer you want.


How many representative butterfly valve soft sealing butterfly valve manufacturers are there in Tianjin?

\We rounded up the top 5 valve factory in Tianjin for your reference.

  1. Tianjin Galaxy Valve Co., Ltd.


Tianjin Galaxy Valve is a Chinese and Joint venture enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and services. It is located in Jinnan, Tianjin. It has independent import and export rights and mainly produces butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves and filters.

As the leader of butterfly valves in Tianjin, it has a place that cannot be ignored. It has led Tianjin valve companies to make great progress in terms of technological innovation and research and development.

  1. Tianjin Zhongfa Valve Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Zhongfa Valve Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is located in Jinnan District, Tianjin City. It hitchhiking the convenience brought by Tianjin’s complete butterfly valve supporting facilities. In less than twenty years, it has developed into a Research and Development, Design, Production and Manufacturing company. As a comprehensive company, it has quickly occupied the United States, Russia, Canada, Spain and other markets with its stable product quality, reasonable prices and excellent after-sales service.

Tianjin Zhongfa Valve has independent import and export rights, specializes in export business, and serves mid-to-high-grade butterfly valve customer groups. Among them, OEM is the advantage of Zhongfa Valve, so if you have OEM needs, you can give priority to Tianjin Zhongfa Valve. Tianjin Zhongfa Valve specializes in the production of butterfly valve(flange center line butterfly valves, flange double eccentric butterfly valves, wafer center line butterfly valves, and lug center line butterfly valves), and gate valve. It has a variety of molds to meet the different requirements of customers.

  1. Tianjin Tanggu TWT Valve Co., Ltd.

Tianjin TWT Valve, founded in 1956, is located in Tianjin Valve Production Base-Binhai New Area. It is an old butterfly valve manufacturer. China’s first butterfly valve came from TWT.

TWT Valve is a comprehensive company integrating production, research and development, and sales. It has domestic and foreign valve business. It was once a well-known state-owned enterprise. With the development of the times, TWT has also experienced the pain of state-owned enterprise reform. However, Its strength cannot be underestimated. It mainly produces double eccentric butterfly valves, flow-regulating valves, pressure-regulating valves, and other products.

  1. Tianjin International Machinery Co,Ltd.

Tianjin International Machinery Co,Ltd. is a professional factory that produces various types of valves. It has a history of 20 years of designing, producing and selling valves. It is the vice-chairman unit of the China Valve Association.

Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd. (referred to as IMG), as a holding subsidiary of Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd., is a Sino-foreign joint venture, located in the Airport Processing Zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area. The main products are ball valves and butterfly valves, mostly large-diameter valves.

  1. Tianjin Tanggu Jinbin Valve Co., Ltd

Tianjin Tanggu Jinbin Valve was established in 2004. It is a manufacturer of butterfly valves, metallurgical valves, gate valves and ventilation butterfly valves, also has international and domestic business. They have their own welding workshop, capable of completing the production of large-diameter eccentric butterfly valves. Committed to reform and innovation, we have obtained a number of patents.

Tianjin is the hometown of soft-sealing butterfly valves. With the development of the industrial chain, wafer check valves, gate valves and other products have also been derived. However, Tianjin soft-sealed butterfly valves still occupy the final position. They are different from Wenzhou valves. In terms of spraying, Tianjin’s butterfly valves use electrostatic powder spraying, while Wenzhou uses spray painting. With these two different methods, the effect of the valve is completely different. In terms of materials, ductile iron occupies an absolute advantage. With the continuous development of the valve market in recent years, stainless steel and carbon steel have gradually become more and more popular.