What is High Performance Butterfly Valve

Generally speaking, high performance butterfly valves are considered to be equivalent to double eccentric butterfly valves, but in fact, they are also different.

1. Structural features:

  • Double eccentric butterfly valve:

The valve stem axis deviates from both the butterfly plate center and the valve body center. This structure enables the butterfly plate to quickly separate from the valve seat when the valve is opened, reducing the opening resistance, reducing wear and tear, and extending the service life. Most double eccentric butterfly valves use line seals. The sealing ring is on the butterfly plate and fixed with a pressure ring, which has good sealing performance.
  • High-performance butterfly valve:

The high-performance butterfly valve is optimized on the basis of the double eccentric butterfly valve, with a more compact structure and stronger sealing performance. The valve seat is embedded in the valve body and uses high-quality sealing materials to ensure the sealing performance of the valve.

2. Working principle:

  • Double eccentric butterfly valve:

During the opening process, the axis of the valve stem deviates from the center of the butterfly plate, so that the upper and lower ends of the butterfly plate no longer become the axis of rotation, dispersing and reducing excessive extrusion between the upper and lower ends of the butterfly plate and the valve seat. As the valve closes, the gap between the butterfly plate and the valve seat gradually increases to achieve sealing.
  • High-performance butterfly valve:

During the closing process of the high-performance butterfly valve, a smooth sealing line is formed between the valve plate and the valve seat, achieving zero leakage.
double eccentric vs high performance butterfly valve
double eccentric vs high performance bfv valve

High Performance VS Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Why Choose US


ZFA VALVE factory Founded in 2006,  mainly produce concentric butterfly valves, eccentric butterfly valves, valve parts which compliance with valve international standard. We have got ISO, CE, Wras, API certificates etc.

OEM Capacity

We have 32 machines (include CNC, machine center, semi-auto machine, pressure testing machine, etc.)

The most important is that we have tens of molds in hand, such as wafer/flanged/lug valve body, disc, seat, handle molds.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturing Process

We’re a real butterfly valve factory with 17 years production experience, OEM for some customers around the world. All butterfly valves sold by ZFA VALVE are manufactured in our own factory. The excellent quality of our products comes from the meticulous management of the production process. ZFA VALVE is proud to show you our real production scene. Here is our motto: Rigorous production leads to excellent quality!

Step 1: Casting


Step 2:Material Preparation


Step 3:Material Quality Inspection


Step 4:Machining Parts

spraying body

Step 5:Surface Treatment


Step 6:Assembly

pressure testing3

Step 7:Inspection And Quality Control


Step 8: Packaging


Step 9: Distribution

Factory Overview

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